KUIS is the best choice to pursue for higher education because the university is:

  1. Committed to become one of the best international higher learning institutions and research centres in the world that emphasizes Islam as the way of life (Ad-Deen).

  2. Nurtures and develops professional Muslims that could fit in the roles of Da’i, Ulama and Umara to lead the Ummah and disseminate knowledge of Islam.

  3. Acts as the Catalyst of Knowledge Tradition by providing solutions for high school graduates pursuing for higher education in Malaysia, meeting their needs for revealed or transmitted knowledge (Naqli) and intellectual knowledge (Aqli).

  4. Offers wide spectrum of higher education services from foundation up to philosophical doctorate programs in Islamic studies, business and management, Islamic economics and finance, language studies (English and Arabic), communication, information and communication technology (ICT), multimedia as well as education.

  5. Committed in assuring all programs offered to the Ummah are competitive and of high quality as well as fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and other authorities.

  6. Offers 400-strong highly qualified and dedicated lecturers and scholars who are willing to go the extra mile to nurture and develop professional Muslims.